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        International symposium on energy materials and defective chemistry 2019

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          In order to strengthen exchanges between domestic and foreign scholars in the field of Energy Materials and Defect Chemistry,the 2019 International Symposium on Energy Materials and Defect Chemistry hosted by hunan university will be held in changsha from June 18 to 20,2019.Focusing on the theme of"energy materials and defect chemistry"and focusing on academic exchanges,the conference will conduct in-depth discussions on key scientific issues in the field of energy materials and defect chemistry,which is a hot and difficult research topic,so as to promote interdisciplinary study.Topics covered include material defect chemistry,photoelectrocatalysis,fuel cell,energy storage battery,energy material characterization technology,etc.

          LANHE is honored to participate in the exhibition and promotion of new products as a sponsor,and discuss with the participants about product functions,software use,equipment precision and user requirements and other professional knowledge.





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